Friday, July 22, 2011


A Few things to consider for the 2011 Encampment

Just a few words about changes to the Death Valley ‘49er Encampment this year. The National Park Service is in the process of a remodeling and upgrading the Furnace Creek Visitor Center. I am told that the Contractor is ahead of schedule! However it will not be ready for this years Encampment. Therefore, some of the events have been moved to other locations. Among them are; The Death Valley ‘49ers Invitational Western Art Show will take place on the lawn by the Basketball Court, with the Quick Draw taking place on the Basketball Court. The Patio Talks will be conducted on the Patio of the Borax Museum. Ted Faye will be showing videos in the evening there also. During the day, videos will be shown in the Marquez Room at the Furnace Creek Inn. This is also where Marvin Jensen’s History Program will be Friday morning.

Because the Temporary Visitor Center is next to the Furnace Creek Ranch entrance, the evening programs normally done at Ol’ Dinah will move to the Golf Course; the same location as the Hootenanny. We will meet the wagons and the riders when they arrive on the Date Grove Road.

Due to changes at Stovepipe Wells we will not have events there this year. However, the Membership Booth will be open. For those wishing a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, Stovepipe wells is offering 2011 Death Valley ‘49er members discounts on meals, rooms and RV spaces during Encampment.

For current members who will receive a program in the mail, and those who will get one at the encampment, look closely to see how some events have moved to new locations and check the membership booth for any last minute changes.

This year we’ve revived our 4x4 trips into the backcountry, one of them a new adventurous tour to Echo Canyon! Be sure to check out the link for it on the home page.

I am looking forward to welcoming you all to the 2011 Encampment! See you there!

Jim Graves

President, 2011

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  1. my wife and i had a great time and are looking forward to next year.we fell in love with this cowboy music and cannot get enough.
    chaparral was my favorite, and you know that these three musicians have been playing all there lives.we enjoy belinda gail, she is like a country nightingale, her voice soft at times, and then she could belt out her music.
    we saw someone at the big bear cowboy gathering that would be a good fit for the death valley 49ers, his stage name is sourdough slim.
    we just loved his music and his joke telling on stage, he would make you laugh so hard that you would end up crying.
    thanks for a wonderful time and i know that alot has to go on behind the scenes for such an event to take place, hats off to all those personnel who did the little things to make this event such a success.