Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ken Graydon Update 3/10/11

Good news from the home front re Ken. He's in his 4th week of chemo and doing very well. The only side effect so far is fatigue. He did an hour program for a group of seniors this morning and said he enjoyed it and things went well but it surprised him to discover how bushed he was afterward. His chemo is an oral capsule called temador. Look it up on the web. It potentially has all kinds of nasty side effects but Ken isn't experiencing them. He takes an anti-nausea pill first and then the capsule. He does the chemo for 6 weeks, then waits two weeks, then sees his oncologist. Don't know what happens then--or next. We'll keep you posted. So far Ken is a great trooper, has a terrific attitude and is doing well. That's it for now.

Best to all of you.

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  1. You both looked very well at the GM 2 weeks ago. We are so glad Ken is getting around, and appears so healthy. Thanks for good news!