Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Message from Ken Graydon

Tuesday, Nov. 30.

Well, folks, now we know. The Dust Bunny’s got fangs. Turns out it’s not old valley fever scars but something a bit more insistent. Treatment of one or two methods will start soon, which one is yet to be determined. In any case, we go forward. There is a lot of music to be made. It will be. There is much enjoyment to be enjoyed. It will be.

Let’s face a truth. We are all terminal. We just don’t know when. In my case, I’ve already had seventy-seven good years run and I am looking forward to the rest of it.

I am forever overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support from all of you. If I do not acknowledge each of you personally, please forgive me. It will be simply because there are so many of you that I may not be able to keep up.

I particularly want to thank everyone who stepped into my spots in Death Valley ‘49ers Encampment. All reports are that you people absolutely glowed. I am forever in your debt.

All of you in Songmakers and in San Diego Folk Song Society and all the rest of you, your caring means so much more than I can find words for. I am left with a very inadequate “Thank You” which does not begin to discharge my obligations.

I pledge to you, we are not finished. We will be back . As the old song says, “All things shall perish from under the sky. Music alone shall live never to die.”

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  1. Happy and healing thoughts are being sent your way. You are in our hearts and we want you to kick some butt this Monday. hugs, Jean & Don